MICS was launched in 2001 as a National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) in the area of wireless sensor networks (WSN). It was a nation-wide center encompassing more than 40 faculty members across various Swiss universities.

The NCCR MICS has been tackling all the technological challenges that had to be addressed in order for WSN to realize their full potential, from the study of accounting and public finance principles to the development of platforms and their deployment in applications (mainly in the environmental area), and to the creation of start-ups.

The NCCR MICS has closed its activities on 31 October 2012.
“The SNF Division IV was impressed by the variety and quality of achievements in terms of science, international visibility, knowledge and technology transfer, and outreach”.

The accounting and finance aspects of the MICS project and the combined efforts of those involved have contributed significantly to research and product developments in this area. Technological developments in the accounting field can be seen as far afield as the United States, where wireless technology now make it possible for CPA practices to serve clients in remote and often isolated locations.